Authentication Services

No more keys. No more key cards. No more frustration.

BioVoice makes it all possible with just a few, brief words. It’s not magic, but the end result of tireless engineering and ingenuity. And instead of saying “Open Sesame!”, the user gains access simply by speaking a static or randomly-generated passphrase that allows the system to authentic that person based only on the characteristics of their voice.

With BioVoice, the possibilities are virtually endless. Potential applications include:

  • Banking
  • Credit card
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Property management
  • Homeland security
  • Law enforcement
  • Access security

Using our system, a mobile phone or computer mic are all your clients or customers will ever need to complete a banking transaction, reset a password, authorize a payment, access a computer server, and much, much more.


How It Works

Other mainstream biometric methods, such as retina and fingerprint scans, are inherently limited, requiring the user to be physically present for authorization.

Not BioVoice.

Although the patented technology is intricate, it’s actually very simple to use:

  1. Upon initial registration, our intelligent software prompts the new user to repeat a randomly generated phrase.
  2. The software then analyzes that person’s pitch and digitally maps it to create a unique voiceprint.
  3. Later, at any subsequent point wherein secure authentication is required, the user is prompted to repeat another randomly- generated phrase.
  4. If the voiceprint from the verification attempt matches the voiceprint from the initial registration, access is granted. If not, access is denied.

Authentication benefits include:

  • Rapid enrollment and authentication process
  • Non-intrusive, requiring no physical contact
  • Easily integrated into PBX-enabled systems, such as Asterisk
  • SDKs are available for integration efforts
  • Because no special equipment is required, it is more cost-effective than other biometric models.
  • Resistant to spoofing and/or hacks, due to randomly generated, yet specific, activation phrases, as well as specific algorithms that check for spoofs
  • Not reliant on customer memorization of a PIN or password

Get Started

Our voice identification software is driven by our customers and their specific needs, and is fully customizable.

We can work with your systems!

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