how biovoice works

What are Voice Biometrics?

Passwords and PINs are not foolproof.

Your voice is.

It comprises multiple characteristics formed by the mouth, nasal cavity, throat and larynx which are responsible for creating pitches and tones.

These basic traits cannot be duplicated and remain the same regardless of the language you speak or the words that you say.

A voice biometrics identification system captures and analyzes this information, digitally mapping it to create a unique voice print.

How BioVoice Works

Our proprietary, patented voice biometrics identification system achieves speaker authentication in three simple phases:

  1. Enrollment – A user provides three, 4-6 second validated audible phrases.
  2. Verification – The user speaks a system-supplied phrase. Access is granted or denied.
  3. Identification – The user’s voice print is cross-referenced with the entire BioVoice database. Identification is achieved.

How BioVoice Excels

BioVoice can be implemented for authentication for many access control purposes, such as telebanking or keyless entry.

Our fully-customizable system:

  • Supports speaker adaptation, which allows the system to continually learn.
  • Supports integration of additional modalities and sensors into security systems.
  • Is compatible with mobile apps, servers and a Windows-based administration tool, as well as VOIP-based enrollment and verification


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