No Passwords, No PIN, No Problem

Online banking users simply want to check their balance, not recount their life story through security questions.

Thanks to BioVoice, the daily drudgery of PINs, passwords, and prolonged authentication processes is eliminated with just a few, spoken words.

Our biometric authentication for online access is ideal for all financial services. User access and organizational benefits include:

  • Multi-channel implementation – web, mobile, telephone, and more
  • Expedited enrollment and authentication time
  • Convenient, 24/7 self-service transactions
  • Heightened security and fraud detection
  • Reduced agent handling time
  • Improved customer service and retention

Eliminating Fraud One Voice at a Time

Mobile banking fraud and account takeovers are on the rise in the U.S.

Statistics show that approximately 16 million consumers were the subject of identity theft or fraud in 2017.

BioVoice offers an ideal solution for financial services. User access is determined by randomly generated, yet specific, activation phrases, while specific algorithms monitor activity for attempted spoofs and hacks.

Give your customers peace of mind, not a panic attack when they can’t remember the phone number of their childhood home.

BioVoice was designed with banking in mind.

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