Property Managers

Restructuring Commercial Building Security

Property managers regularly face myriad security issues such as lost or stolen keycards, faulty equipment, and inexperienced security personnel.

Our voice biometric security solutions provide peace of mind for property owners and managers.

Our patented software helps to:

  • Increase security
  • Ward off fraudulent activity
  • Reduce man hours

That ultimately makes your commercial building security more efficient, cost-effective, and – most importantly – accessible for your employees and clientele.

BioVoice is ideal for:

  • Office Complexes
  • Gated Residential Communities
  • Senior Centers
  • Parking Garages
  • And more!

Exceptional Access Control

Our voice biometric security solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Anyone can use BioVoice’s instinctive software.
  • Rapid enrollment and authentication process
  • Non-intrusive, requiring little to no physical contact
  • Randomly-generated phrases
  • Anti-spoof algorithms
  • SDKs available for seamless integration efforts
  • Custom electronics are available based on project/site specific needs.

Building security should be both comprehensive and easy to use. Our software is easily implemented into any configuration or setup.

Get Started

Our voice identification software is driven by our customers and their specific needs, and is fully customizable.

We can work with your systems!

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