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Reduce fraud with real time voice authentication.

Social engineering attacks, hacks, spoofing, and identity theft are on the rise making authentication a major concern for call centers and their operators.

BioVoice offers call center voice authentication services that are readily integrated into banking, healthcare, and telecommunications industries, among many others.

Our patented software provides call centers with:

  • Improved customer service: Voice authentication eliminates a lengthy and frustrating barrage of password prompts and security questions. Callers are granted immediate access to a customer service representative. Problems are solved faster during shorter phone calls.
  • Convenience: No special equipment is required and real time voice authorization can be leveraged across multiple channels, including web, mobile, telephone, and more.
  • Future security: A negative voice print can be used to flag potential fraudsters, and can be stored for subsequent cross-referencing purposes.
  • A better bottom line: Operator handling time is reduced, increasing efficiency, preventing fraud, and saving you money.

The Steps to Security

Your employees’ time is hijacked and productivity plummets when operator resources are devoted to screening calls.

BioVoice offers a multi-tiered solution:

  • During enrollment, BioVoice’s patented software analyzes more than 50 variables of voice responsible for pitch, resulting in a unique voice print that cannot be duplicated.
  • The voice print is filed for future authentication purposes.
  • During subsequent calls to the call center, the customer is prompted to repeat a randomly-generated phrase.
  • If the voice print from this attempt matches that from enrollment, real time voice authorization is achieved.

Find out why voice biometric authentication is quickly becoming the preferred security measure for call centers throughout America.

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